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What is the best way to take a break from a dull, mundane life? Sure, watching a good movie! Bright and talented people work hard to make their audience feel happier. That’s why we love them.

Every one of us has one or several favorite movie stars. Some just watch them acting in films, but many people are also interested in actors’ biography and daily life. ‘How did Jennifer Aniston come to enter the world of art? What did she do to develop her acting skills? What clothes and cuisine does she prefer? Oh, and does she have a Facebook account? I’d love to get connected with her!

It is not easy to find all the information about your favorite actor – you have to look through numerous interviews, biography articles, awards ceremony reports etc. Luckily, we have now Internet, but still browsing scores of websites is not a simple task.

Now the solution is found! Being big movie fans, we have created this website where you can find a lot of info about your favorite stars, as well as the details about films they participated in. Sign up and become the first to receive our news and updates!