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Denver, Colorado, USA, 1916-04-4, David White
David White
David White 103 y.o.
Rating: 0.02
Miami, Florida, USA, 1972-10-25, Persia White
Persia White
Persia White 46 y.o.
Rating: 0.11
Columbia, Missouri, USA, 1964-04-27, Lisa Wilcox
Lisa Wilcox
Lisa Wilcox 55 y.o.
Rating: 0.03
Wermelskirchen, Germany, 1965-06-22, Uwe Boll
Uwe Boll
Uwe Boll 54 y.o.
Rating: 0.23
Houston, Texas, USA, 1969-08-27, Chandra Wilson
Chandra Wilson
Chandra Wilson 50 y.o.
Rating: 0.33
Awards: Nominated for 5 Primetime Emmys. 8 wins & 11 nominations
Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 1944-06-18, Kara Wilson
Kara Wilson
Kara Wilson 75 y.o.
Rating: 0.51
Limerick, Ireland, 1938-08-3, Terry Wogan
Terry Wogan
Terry Wogan 81 y.o.
Rating: 0.04
Phalanx, New Jersey, USA, 1887-01-19, Alexander Woollcott
Alexander Woollcott
Alexander Woollcott 132 y.o.
Rating: 0.26
Cardston, Alberta, Canada, 1907-09-15, Fay Wray
Fay Wray
Fay Wray 112 y.o.
Rating: 0.4
Washington, District of Columbia, USA, 1965-12-7, Jeffrey Wright
Jeffrey Wright
Jeffrey Wright 53 y.o.
Rating: 0.29
Awards: Won Golden Globe. 9 wins & 14 nominations
London, England, UK, 1946-12-14, Jane Birkin
Jane Birkin
Jane Birkin 72 y.o.
Rating: 0.12
New York City, New York, USA, 1938-05-31, Peter Yarrow
Peter Yarrow
Peter Yarrow 81 y.o.
Rating: 0.45
Awards: Nominated for Primetime Emmy.
New York, USA, 1964-08-5, Adam Yauch
Adam Yauch
Adam Yauch 55 y.o.
Rating: 0.3
Pitcairn, Pennsylvania, USA, 1930-03-13, Bunny Yeager
Bunny Yeager
Bunny Yeager 89 y.o.
Rating: 0.28
Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA, 1969-01-7, David Yost
David Yost
David Yost 50 y.o.
Rating: 0.48
Kiev, USSR [now Ukraine], 1973-03-3, Victoria Zdrok
Victoria Zdrok
Victoria Zdrok 46 y.o.
Rating: 0.49
New Haven, Connecticut, USA, 1985-09-16, Madeline Zima
Madeline Zima
Madeline Zima 34 y.o.
Rating: 0.17
Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA, 1965-01-12, Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie 54 y.o.
Rating: 0.81
Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1968-08-9, Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson 51 y.o.
Rating: 0.07
Awards: Won Golden Globe. 16 wins & 36 nominations
Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, 1957-08-18, Carole Bouquet
Carole Bouquet
Carole Bouquet 62 y.o.
Rating: 0.66
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 1954-10-2, Lorraine Bracco
Lorraine Bracco
Lorraine Bracco 65 y.o.
Rating: 0.98
Awards: Nominated for Oscar. 4 wins & 19 nominations
Bill O'Reilly
70 y.o.
Rating: 0.53
North Bergen, New Jersey, USA, 1940-05-9, James L. Brooks
James L. Brooks
James L. Brooks 79 y.o.
Rating: 0.56
Awards: Won 3 Oscars. 41 wins & 49 nominations
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 1947-06-23, Bryan Brown
Bryan Brown
Bryan Brown 72 y.o.
Rating: 0.12
Awards: Nominated for Golden Globe. 7 wins & 8 nominations
Santa Barbara, California, USA, 1955-10-17, Sam Bottoms
Sam Bottoms
Sam Bottoms 64 y.o.
Rating: 0.37
Brooklyn, New York, USA, 1962-05-14, C.C. Deville
C.C. Deville
C.C. Deville 57 y.o.
Rating: 0.93
Dallas, Texas, USA, 1976-12-5, Amy Acker
Amy Acker
Amy Acker 42 y.o.
Rating: 0.12
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