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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1974-05-7, Tania Doko
Tania Doko
Tania Doko 45 y.o.
Rating: 0.51
Paris, France, 1925-08-6, Lilyan Chauvin
Lilyan Chauvin
Lilyan Chauvin 94 y.o.
Rating: 0.08
Potsdam, New York, USA, 1981-07-30, Alison Flierl
Alison Flierl
Alison Flierl 38 y.o.
Rating: 0.68
Thiers, Puy-de-Dôme, France, 1956-12-1, Claire Chazal
Claire Chazal
Claire Chazal 62 y.o.
Rating: 0.82
Clinton, Massachusetts, USA, 1900-12-6, Agnes Moorehead
Agnes Moorehead
Agnes Moorehead 118 y.o.
Rating: 0.18
Awards: Nominated for 4 Oscars. 11 wins & 7 nominations
Philippines, 1976-05-1, Cristina Gonzales
Cristina Gonzales
Cristina Gonzales 43 y.o.
Rating: 0.03
New York City, New York, USA, 1970-01-6, Julie Chen
Julie Chen
Julie Chen 49 y.o.
Rating: 0.36
New York City, New York, 1916-04-27, Natalie Cantor Metzger
Natalie Cantor Metzger
Natalie Cantor Metzger 103 y.o.
Rating: 0.38
Shanghai, China, 1946-12-4, Pei-pei Cheng
Pei-pei Cheng
Pei-pei Cheng 72 y.o.
Rating: 0.99
Rome, Lazio, Italy, 1955-03-9, Ornella Muti
Ornella Muti
Ornella Muti 64 y.o.
Rating: 0.32
Carthage, Illinois, USA, 1908-04-12, Virginia Cherrill
Virginia Cherrill
Virginia Cherrill 111 y.o.
Rating: 0.36
Lódz, Lódzkie, Poland, 1953-10-15, Malgorzata Mikulska
Malgorzata Mikulska
Malgorzata Mikulska 65 y.o.
Rating: 0.35
Shanghai, China, 1967-02-7, Sharla Cheung
Sharla Cheung
Sharla Cheung 52 y.o.
Rating: 0.73
Durham, Newcastle, England, UK, 1993-09-26, Chelsea Halfpenny
Chelsea Halfpenny
Chelsea Halfpenny 25 y.o.
Rating: 0.77
Houston, Texas, USA, 1956-05-26, Lisa Niemi
Lisa Niemi
Lisa Niemi 63 y.o.
Rating: 0.37
Wildomar, California, USA, 1991-11-11, Christa B. Allen
Christa B. Allen
Christa B. Allen 27 y.o.
Rating: 0.85
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 1978-06-21, Erica Durance
Erica Durance
Erica Durance 41 y.o.
Rating: 0.59
Lamesa, Texas, USA, 1962-11-29, Heather McPhaul
Heather McPhaul
Heather McPhaul 56 y.o.
Rating: 0.29
Taipei, Taiwan, 1978-11-13, Wei-Lum Shu
Wei-Lum Shu
Wei-Lum Shu 40 y.o.
Rating: 0.74
Shanghai, China, 1936-11-30, Tsai Chin
Tsai Chin
Tsai Chin 82 y.o.
Rating: 0.25
Belleville, Illinois, USA, 1980-05-22, Shannon Laine
Shannon Laine
Shannon Laine 39 y.o.
Rating: 0.9
Reading, Pennsylvania, USA, 1961-09-18, Lori Schappell
Lori Schappell
Lori Schappell 57 y.o.
Rating: 0.36
Tehran, Iran, 1975-03-30, Bahar Soomekh
Bahar Soomekh
Bahar Soomekh 44 y.o.
Rating: 0.75
Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1995-01-26, Kyle Chavarria
Kyle Chavarria
Kyle Chavarria 24 y.o.
Rating: 0.93
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, 1984-07-11, Rachael Taylor
Rachael Taylor
Rachael Taylor 35 y.o.
Rating: 0.7
Moscow, Russia, 1959-11-27, Viktoria Mullova
Viktoria Mullova
Viktoria Mullova 59 y.o.
Rating: 0.84
Cécilia Cara
35 y.o.
Rating: 0.3
Manila, Philippines, 1988-11-10, Pauleen Luna
Pauleen Luna
Pauleen Luna 30 y.o.
Rating: 0.3
Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 1981-09-20, Mandy Bruno
Mandy Bruno
Mandy Bruno 37 y.o.
Rating: 0.32
Toledo, Ohio, USA, 1983-05-6, Adrianne Palicki
Adrianne Palicki
Adrianne Palicki 36 y.o.
Rating: 0.22
Portland, Oregon, USA, 1936-10-13, Judi Meredith
Judi Meredith
Judi Meredith 82 y.o.
Rating: 0.53
Ipswich, Suffolk, England, UK, 1979-07-10, Jenny Platt
Jenny Platt
Jenny Platt 40 y.o.
Rating: 0.54
Glendale, California, USA, 1965-08-10, Claudia Christian
Claudia Christian
Claudia Christian 54 y.o.
Rating: 0.72
Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1979-01-11, Taryn Reneau
Taryn Reneau
Taryn Reneau 40 y.o.
Rating: 0.84
Hollywood, California, USA, 1961-12-10, Nia Peeples
Nia Peeples
Nia Peeples 57 y.o.
Rating: 0.67
Overland Park, Kansas, USA, 1980-09-20, Lyric Marie Benson
Lyric Marie Benson
Lyric Marie Benson 38 y.o.
Rating: 0.58
Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico, 1966-09-2, Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek 52 y.o.
Rating: 0.85
Awards: Nominated for Oscar. 9 wins & 22 nominations
Washington, District of Columbia, USA, 1946-08-20, Connie Chung
Connie Chung
Connie Chung 72 y.o.
Rating: 0.65
Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, 1963-10-14, Lori Petty
Lori Petty
Lori Petty 55 y.o.
Rating: 0.43
Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA, 1979-03-30, Kristen Caldwell
Kristen Caldwell
Kristen Caldwell 40 y.o.
Rating: 0.58
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