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New York City, New York, USA, 1925-06-25, June Lockhart
June Lockhart
June Lockhart 94 y.o.
Rating: 0.25
Awards: Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys. 4 wins
Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA, 1934-01-25, Patricia Marand
Patricia Marand
Patricia Marand 85 y.o.
Rating: 0.82
Bakersfield, California, USA, 1981-04-22, Selah Victor
Selah Victor
Selah Victor 38 y.o.
Rating: 0.99
Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA, 1980-11-13, Monique Coleman
Monique Coleman
Monique Coleman 38 y.o.
Rating: 0.59
Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 1916-04-13, Phyllis Cerf
Phyllis Cerf
Phyllis Cerf 103 y.o.
Rating: 0.02
Minde, Portugal, 1959-09-23, Adelaide Ferreira
Adelaide Ferreira
Adelaide Ferreira 59 y.o.
Rating: 0.75
England, UK, 1985-06-26, Holly Gaiman
Holly Gaiman
Holly Gaiman 34 y.o.
Rating: 0.68
Oakland, California, USA, 1925-03-28, Connie Cezon
Connie Cezon
Connie Cezon 94 y.o.
Rating: 0.48
Los Angeles County, California, USA, 1972-07-7, Kirsten Vangsness
Kirsten Vangsness
Kirsten Vangsness 47 y.o.
Rating: 0.43
Antwerpen, Belgium, 1982-05-25, Ellen Petri
Ellen Petri
Ellen Petri 37 y.o.
Rating: 0.61
Fort Stewart, Georgia, USA, 1975-04-2, Kristi Wirz
Kristi Wirz
Kristi Wirz 44 y.o.
Rating: 0.55
Portland, Oregon, USA, 1979-09-24, Erin Chambers
Erin Chambers
Erin Chambers 39 y.o.
Rating: 0.35
Margate, Kent, England, UK, 1958-08-21, Kate Robbins
Kate Robbins
Kate Robbins 60 y.o.
Rating: 0.82
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, 1963-10-1, Nanci Chambers
Nanci Chambers
Nanci Chambers 55 y.o.
Rating: 0.5
Gunilla Gräfin v. Bismarck
69 y.o.
Rating: 0.13
Baytown, Texas, USA, 1977-04-26, Charissa Chamorro
Charissa Chamorro
Charissa Chamorro 42 y.o.
Rating: 0.11
Andrée Champagne
80 y.o.
Rating: 0.22
Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 1992-01-21, Melissa Anne Smith
Melissa Anne Smith
Melissa Anne Smith 27 y.o.
Rating: 0.92
England, UK, 1992-12-24, Melissa Suffield
Melissa Suffield
Melissa Suffield 26 y.o.
Rating: 0.11
Seattle, Washington, USA, 1983-04-29, Hallie Lambert
Hallie Lambert
Hallie Lambert 36 y.o.
Rating: 0.33
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 1988-09-16, Sarah Steele
Sarah Steele
Sarah Steele 30 y.o.
Rating: 0.86
San Francisco, California, USA, 1983-04-10, Jamie Chung
Jamie Chung
Jamie Chung 36 y.o.
Rating: 0.39
Luísa Castel-Branco
65 y.o.
Rating: 0.04
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1981-12-6, Sophia Santi
Sophia Santi
Sophia Santi 37 y.o.
Rating: 0.77
Alton, Hampshire, England, UK, 1972-01-1, Catherine McCormack
Catherine McCormack
Catherine McCormack 47 y.o.
Rating: 0.81
Hollywood, California, USA, 1966-01-7, Courtney Lemmon
Courtney Lemmon
Courtney Lemmon 53 y.o.
Rating: 0.79
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1981-06-24, Tiffany Moey
Tiffany Moey
Tiffany Moey 38 y.o.
Rating: 0.85
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, USA, 1952-04-28, Mary McDonnell
Mary McDonnell
Mary McDonnell 67 y.o.
Rating: 0.87
Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. 1 win & 7 nominations
Gassin, Var, France, 1977-07-21, Sarah Biasini
Sarah Biasini
Sarah Biasini 42 y.o.
Rating: 0.68
Santa Monica, California, USA, 1949-03-28, Josephine Chaplin
Josephine Chaplin
Josephine Chaplin 70 y.o.
Rating: 0.99
Houma, Louisiana, USA, 1984-10-5, Aspen Stevens
Aspen Stevens
Aspen Stevens 34 y.o.
Rating: 0.44
Detroit, Michigan, USA, 1976-10-4, Carla Harvey
Carla Harvey
Carla Harvey 42 y.o.
Rating: 0.11
Marlène Charell
75 y.o.
Rating: 0.83
Los Angeles, California, USA, 1962-06-10, Gina Gershon
Gina Gershon
Gina Gershon 57 y.o.
Rating: 0.78
Detroit, Michigan, USA, 1979-10-11, Jennifer Ruffner
Jennifer Ruffner
Jennifer Ruffner 39 y.o.
Rating: 0.39
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1966-02-15, Victoria Charters
Victoria Charters
Victoria Charters 53 y.o.
Rating: 0.77
New Haven, Connecticut, USA, 1948-12-15, Melanie Chartoff
Melanie Chartoff
Melanie Chartoff 70 y.o.
Rating: 0.14
Whittier, California, USA, 1975-03-27, Stacy Ferguson
Stacy Ferguson
Stacy Ferguson 44 y.o.
Rating: 0.35
Surrey, England, UK, 1947-01-8, Jenny Boyd
Jenny Boyd
Jenny Boyd 72 y.o.
Rating: 0.2
Borås, Västra Götalands län, Sweden, 1973-02-17, Shirley Clamp
Shirley Clamp
Shirley Clamp 46 y.o.
Rating: 0.25
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