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USA, 1960-11-20, Ted Casablanca
Ted Casablanca
Ted Casablanca 58 y.o.
Rating: 0.12
San Antonio, Texas, USA, 1978-02-18, Michael Howard
Michael Howard
Michael Howard 41 y.o.
Rating: 0.57
Milton, Massachusetts, USA, 1924-06-12, George Bush
George Bush
George Bush 95 y.o.
Rating: 0.61
Benjamín Vicuña
40 y.o.
Rating: 0.43
Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 1903-05-1, Ralph Bushman
Ralph Bushman
Ralph Bushman 116 y.o.
Rating: 0.1
Barranquilla, Colombia, 1975-08-7, Edgar Renteria
Edgar Renteria
Edgar Renteria 44 y.o.
Rating: 0.78
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, 1967-06-8, Dan Futterman
Dan Futterman
Dan Futterman 52 y.o.
Rating: 0.51
Awards: Nominated for Oscar. 9 wins & 10 nominations
Los Angeles, California, USA, 1984-01-21, Richard Gutierrez
Richard Gutierrez
Richard Gutierrez 35 y.o.
Rating: 0.97
San Francisco, California, USA, 1894-12-17, David Butler
David Butler
David Butler 124 y.o.
Rating: 0.3
Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, USA, 1969-07-21, Emerson Hart
Emerson Hart
Emerson Hart 50 y.o.
Rating: 0.91
Buffalo, New York, USA, 1961-04-11, Vincent Gallo
Vincent Gallo
Vincent Gallo 58 y.o.
Rating: 0.36
Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK, 1974-05-19, Robert Lang
Robert Lang
Robert Lang 45 y.o.
Rating: 0.65
New York City, New York, USA, 1956-03-11, Joey Buttafuoco
Joey Buttafuoco
Joey Buttafuoco 63 y.o.
Rating: 0.82
Jasper, Alabama, USA, 1968-08-3, Eric Butterbean Esch
Eric Butterbean Esch
Eric Butterbean Esch 51 y.o.
Rating: 0.16
Chicago, Illinois, USA, 1986-01-16, Mason Gamble
Mason Gamble
Mason Gamble 33 y.o.
Rating: 0.02
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, 0000-10-19, Brian Michael Tracy
Brian Michael Tracy
Brian Michael Tracy 2018 y.o.
Rating: 0.79
Montréal, Québec, Canada, 1944-06-19, Richard Monette
Richard Monette
Richard Monette 75 y.o.
Rating: 0.13
Rockland, Maine, USA, 1972-03-24, Jackamoe Buzzell
Jackamoe Buzzell
Jackamoe Buzzell 47 y.o.
Rating: 0.93
New York, USA, 1926-03-1, Erik Bye
Erik Bye
Erik Bye 93 y.o.
Rating: 0.43
London, England, UK, 1976-07-9, Elliot Cowan
Elliot Cowan
Elliot Cowan 43 y.o.
Rating: 0.53
McLennan County, Texas, USA, 1955-01-24, Amick Byram
Amick Byram
Amick Byram 64 y.o.
Rating: 0.64
Hartford, Alabama, USA, 1920-01-6, Early Wynn
Early Wynn
Early Wynn 99 y.o.
Rating: 0.84
Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, 1886-08-7, Bill McKechnie
Bill McKechnie
Bill McKechnie 133 y.o.
Rating: 0.31
Omaha, Nebraska, USA, 1900-03-12, Harlow Wilcox
Harlow Wilcox
Harlow Wilcox 119 y.o.
Rating: 0.99
Praia da Vitória, Terceira, Açores, Portugal, 1966-09-20, Nuno Bettencourt
Nuno Bettencourt
Nuno Bettencourt 52 y.o.
Rating: 0.49
Hackney, London, England, UK, 1993-06-25, Barney Clark
Barney Clark
Barney Clark 26 y.o.
Rating: 0.56
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1980-08-9, Charlie David
Charlie David
Charlie David 39 y.o.
Rating: 0.93
Evansville, Indiana, USA, 1977-11-20, Daniel Engler
Daniel Engler
Daniel Engler 41 y.o.
Rating: 0.54
Bronx, New York, USA, 1965-07-7, Reggie Rock Bythewood
Reggie Rock Bythewood
Reggie Rock Bythewood 54 y.o.
Rating: 0.36
Ontario, Canada, 1993-09-1, Alexander Conti
Alexander Conti
Alexander Conti 25 y.o.
Rating: 0.84
Los Angeles, California, USA, 1999-11-20, Taliesin Jacobs
Taliesin Jacobs
Taliesin Jacobs 19 y.o.
Rating: 0.62
Gilbert Bécaud
91 y.o.
Rating: 0.36
Awards: Nominated for Golden Globe. 1 nomination
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1968-03-31, Wes Williams
Wes Williams
Wes Williams 51 y.o.
Rating: 0.98
Maurice Béjart
92 y.o.
Rating: 0.95
Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 1977-07-19, C.G. Afi
C.G. Afi
C.G. Afi 42 y.o.
Rating: 0.26
Detroit, Michigan, USA, 1977-11-14, Obie Trice
Obie Trice
Obie Trice 41 y.o.
Rating: 0.51
Taylor, Michigan, USA, 1974-11-9, Joe C.
Joe C.
Joe C. 44 y.o.
Rating: 0.71
Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA, 1968-05-11, Jeffrey Donovan
Jeffrey Donovan
Jeffrey Donovan 51 y.o.
Rating: 0.77
Detroit, Michigan, USA, 1971-08-3, Brad Baker
Brad Baker
Brad Baker 48 y.o.
Rating: 0.62
Camden, London, England, UK, 1991-02-14, Charlie G. Hawkins
Charlie G. Hawkins
Charlie G. Hawkins 28 y.o.
Rating: 0.31
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